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Inviting landowners to become partners in development

Saagam Group, one of the fastest growing realty developers in Bengaluru invites landowners to become partners in development. We help transform land parcels, untapped areas, and properties into urban havens. As our partner you will be far away from the hassles of project management and execution. At the same time, you will watch us add more value and good returns from your land. With an increasing demand for property, having a clear vision, strategic planning and dynamic execution can make all the difference. Saagam Realty is offering all its expertise and business acumen in delivering great value to landowners.

Saagam Realty is open to both outright purchase and joint ventures with suitable landowners. With a partnership with Saagam, landowners can unzip the true value of their property. Be it the expertise, latest technology, finances, or the ability to market the developed project, getting into a partnership with us would be a win-win situation for both parties. The Saagam Group promises a reliable, quick, profitable deal to landowners throughout its projects. While in a joint venture with Saagam a landowner can leverage our brand equity, continued returns from the land and tax benefits.

Saagam Realty is constantly looking for growth-minded landowners with clear titled and non-tenanted property for outright purchase and joint development projects. If you are interested in becoming a development partner, please fill the below form clearly mentioning the location, land dimensions and expected commercial terms.